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Fishery Rules

Yes please:

- Fishing from numbered swims only.
- Angling bivvies and not tents.
- You must have an E.A. rod licence
- Use a large well-padded unhooking mat, or cradle, positioned on flat, level ground.
- Treat ‘hookmarks’ with anti-bacterial solution.
- Take care with the Pectoral and Pelvic fins when handling fish.
- Keep the Carp cool with water, especially during hot weather.
- If you are using a bait boat, attach it to a spare rod.
- If you wish to sack a Carp, do so in deep water with a sufficient length of cord, and a large float attached, for a maximum of 15 minutes.
- Notify the Shop or staff if a fish becomes snagged; do not enter the water.
- A maximum of three rods are to be used.

No thank you:

- Tigernuts or Peanuts must not be used.
- Particle bait must only be used sparingly.
- Fixed lead rigs are not to be used.
- Rods must not be left unattended.
- Keep nets must not be used on Heartsmere or Marsh Lake.
- Inflatable dinghys or boats.

Supplementary rules for summer fishing Marsh Lake:

- Minimum main line 20lb mono or braid with plastic leaders.
- Fish may not be sacked in Marsh Lake during this period.
- 50 inch minimum landing nets.
- No leadcore.
- Hooklinks minimum 30lb, recommended cat link 70lb.
- Live bait is only to be caught from the lake.
- Running leads only.

General conduct:

Waveney Valley Lakes cultivates an air of quiet relaxation for both anglers and holiday home owners. We ask that you please respect the natural and peaceful environment of the Park. Anglers who create noise or disturbance of any kind will be required to leave the complex immediately. Additionally and specifically, anglers are also not permitted to bring pets or have BBQs or fires.

If your spouse or partner visits during your session please ask them to notify the shop, other visitors are not permitted. Children are only permitted if they have paid for their own day ticket.

There are refuse points at each of the toilet blocks and at the Heartsmere car park, please segregate your waste and use the appropriate bins. Large waste items, such as broken equipment should be taken away from the Park for disposal.

How to find us...

Waveney Valley Lakes lies on the border between Norfolk and Suffolk, on the A143, 15 miles north of Diss and 25 miles south of Great Yarmouth. The driveway to the Park entrance is close to the centre of the village of Wortwell and is off the High Road.

Waveney Valley Lakes
Wortwell, Harleston, Norfolk. IP20 0EJ

Holiday Home Sales: 01986 788333
Administration & Fishing: 01986 788676